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PLEASE ONLY PLACE AN ORDER IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH WAITING. Freebies will be included in all orders to make up for the wait, but please please only order if you're okay with the long wait. 

We really hope things will get better soon so you won't have to wait so long anymore :( 


All USA packages (pin mails - does NOT include sticker-only packages) from today onwards will be shipped through a faster courier method, and should take only 2-3 weeks to arrive  

[UPDATED MAR 14, 2022]: 

Since Jan 1st, our government has issued flight bans from multiple countries, as prevention against Omicron, we currently do not have enough air traffic to and from Hong Kong, as such packages to USA, Canada & Oceania are temporarily shipping through Surface mail instead of Air Mail. 

Owing to insufficient air traffic capacity provided by airlines, it may take extra time to wait for air allotment to convey airmail items to certain destinations. In addition, local postal operations at the destinations are still under the influence of the pandemic and delays in mail delivery are expected.


Free gifts will be included in all packages to make up for a longer delivery time, and hopefully bring you all a smile during such difficult times. It is very likely for your order to be delayed, so please allow up to 18 weeks from the date of shipment for your orders to arrive before contacting me. You can reach me by filing in the contact form here, or emailing me at poroful@gmail.com - be sure to include your order number for me to process any issues. 



These are my post office's estimated transit times - please note that this is the time it takes to arrive to your country, so your local post office may need time to process and deliver them as well. 

Please allow 2-4 weeks of extra time in waiting for air allotment (to accommodate for insufficient air traffic) - aka waiting in the post office for a "spot" on a plane / courier to get to the destination country

As our government still pursues a 0 Covid policy, sudden lockdowns are placed, including post office (screenshot below as proof, you can also refer here for the most updated news) - which means that sometimes, after dropping a package off at the post office, if a closure is suddenly issued, all staff are unable to work, and your package will be sitting in the post office until it reopens (closures average 7 - 10 days) 

Below are estimated transit times and does not include the extra allotment time mentioned above as well as the time it takes to be processed by your local customs office and post office for delivery. 

Country Untracked Shipping Tracked Shipping
 Hong Kong 7-10 business days 1-5 business days
Asia 3-4 weeks 2-3 weeks
Europe 8-10 weeks 5-8 weeks (*exceptions, see below)



Due to new flight restrictions from our government as prevention against Omicron, we currently do not have enough air traffic to and from Hong Kong, as such packages to USA, Canada & Oceania are temporarily shipping through Surface mail instead of Air Mail. 

Please allow 1-4 weeks of extra time (in addition to transit times) in waiting for cargo allotment. This varies greatly depending on the country, especially with restricted flights 

Please note that these packages are shipped through surface mail (by boat), and will be subject to a longer transit time compared to air mail (by plane) - once more flights open up, air mail should be available again. 

Country  Transit Times 
 USA  12 - 14 weeks
12 - 14 weeks
Oceania 10 - 12 weeks
Japan  7 - 8 weeks 
Italy 10 - 12 weeks 
Ireland 10 - 12 weeks
10 - 12 weeks
New Zealand
10 - 12 weeks
Mexico 10 - 12 weeks


General Questions & Order Inquiries

Please note that transit times are 6-8 weeks, processing times by both my local post office and your post office may add on a week or two to this time.

Actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose, and all packages are subject to customs delays, as well as your local postal delays which may cause your package to take up to a few months to arrive. 

Please understand that we cannot track your mail if you choose untracked shipping, and lost mail is out of our control for this shipment method. Please select tracked shipping if you want a peace of mind.

Once the shipping shows that it's "in transit", it means its boarded the cargo ship that transports it, please allow it 30-60 working days for it to update, as it is a long journey from Hong Kong to the rest of the world. Please allow up to 12 weeks for your package to arrive. 

Yes - we can only see the same information you can see. Please note that tracking will show this information as long as it is in transit as there are no scans in the middle of transportation. The next scan would be either at your customs or post office when the package arrives & is processed by your local administrative offices.

If an item from your order arrived damaged, or if you received the wrong item, we will be happy to sort it out for you.

Please email or submit in the contact form - your order number, photo of the item & description of the issue.

Please include a checkout note with your previous order number for us to combine your orders, or email us at poroful@gmail.com upon placing your order with both order numbers in order to facilitate speedy processing.

Try to do this ASAP as we will not be able to combine orders after they've been shipped out.

If your cart includes a pre-order item, your other items will be held until pre-order items arrive and will be shipped together. If you would like the other items faster, please purchase them separately. 

An estimated shipping time will be listed in the pre-order product listing, and you may view all other updates here

If your package is returned to me, I can either help you reship it, or give you a refund minus the shipping and a 10% restocking fee. 

[ UNTRACKED SHIPPING] Unfortunately no refunds will be given because of shipping times as per our shop policies, and we also have a clear shop announcement reflecting delayed shipping times from the pandemic, it is the buyer's responsibility to read and understand the circumstances before purchasing. 

[ TRACKED SHIPPING ] If you purchased tracking, please track your package through Hong Kong Post with the tracking number provided. If there are any problems with your tracking, please contact your local post office - unfortunately we are not responsible for packages once they are handed over to the post office, as we have no control over them. 

If you purchased tracking and insurance, we can help you file a claim. You must contact us within 16 weeks from date of shipment with your tracking number in order to facilitate a refund / reshipment. We are unable to facilitate any refunds after this period of time. 

Please wait up till 12 weeks before considering a package as lost.

Other questions

All Patreon pins and almost 90% of designs are limited and will not be restocked to make space for new and better designs.

We're happy to take custom orders, please send us an email at poroful@gmail.com

For commissions, please email us at poroful@gmail.com with the following details to receive an accurate price quote:

What you want to commission (is it a food or a creature?)Details you want (e.g. "A cat hanging off a moon, with a crown on her head") Simple backgrounds included at no extra cost

Commission Information:

Commissions are paid through Paypal in USFull payment is required before sketchingSketch will be sent within 1 week of payment, and I will make any adjustments and changes according to your request before proceeding to colouring. Prices are based off personal commissions. Commercial use will incur an additional cost. Estimated completion time varies from 2-5 weeks depending on how busy I am, please let me know if you have a deadline. 

Sure - but please ensure you meet these conditions:

- Purchase a product with that specific artwork (e.g. a pin or sticker) - it helps support us!

- Ensure your tattoo artist does not redistribute the artwork

- Ensure you & your tattoo artist to credit me for the designs if posting on social media