Most major countries with the exception of Canada have resumed Air-Mail, so all packages shipped from Sept 1st onwards will have a much faster delivery time. 

Owing to insufficient air traffic capacity provided by airlines, it may take extra time to wait for air allotment to convey airmail items to certain destinations. In addition, local postal operations at the destinations are still under the influence of the pandemic and delays in mail delivery are expected.

Please allow extra time in waiting for air allotment (to accommodate for insufficient air traffic) [As per our postal service's statement here

  • Europe: Around 1-2 weeks
  • North America: Around 2 weeks
  • Oceania: Around 2 weeks
  • Asia: around 1 week (except Japan, which is sent through Surface Mail) 


Free gifts will be included in all packages to make up for a longer delivery time, and hopefully bring you all a smile during such difficult times. It is very likely for your order to be delayed, so please allow up to 12 weeks from the date of shipment for your orders to arrive before contacting me. You can reach me by filing in the contact form here, or emailing me at - be sure to include your order number for me to process any issues. 



These are my post office's estimated transit times - please note that this is the time it takes to arrive to your country, so your local post office may need time to process and deliver them as well. 

Below are transit times and does not include the extra allotment time required, as well as local postal delays 

  • USA: 6-10 weeks 
  • Europe: 6-10 weeks
  • Asia: 2-3 weeks


Please note that these packages are shipped through surface mail (by boat), and will be subject to a longer transit time compared to air mail (by plane) - once more flights open up, air mail should be available again. 

  • Canada: 8-12 weeks 
  • Japan: 6-8 weeks


Restricted shipping list (your order will be held until shipping to these countries resume, please only place an order if you're okay with this)

  • Russia
  • Chile
  • South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

You said the estimated shipping times is 6-8 weeks, but my package still hasn't arrived. 

Please note that transit times are 6-8 weeks, processing times by both my local post office and your post office may add on a week or two to this time.

My tracking hasn't updated since XXX, what should I do?

Once the shipping shows that it's "in transit", it means its boarded the cargo ship that transports it, please allow it 30-60 working days for it to update, as it is a long journey from Hong Kong to the rest of the world. Please allow up to 12 weeks for your package to arrive. 

It's been almost 12 weeks, and I still haven't received my package yet

If you have a tracking number, please contact your local post office to see if they're able to provide any information for you. They usually reply faster directly to customers. I can help you file an investigation as well, but Hong Kong Post goes through the International Postal Union to reach your local post office for a reply, and the back and forward messaging and take up to a few weeks for me to get a reply back. Contacting your post office directly ensures a faster response. 

I still haven't received my package, can you give me a refund?

Unfortunately no refunds will be given because of shipping times as I have a clear shop announcement reflecting delayed shipping times from the pandemic, it is the buyer's responsibility to read and understand the circumstances before purchasing.