Animal Crossing Pin Pennant [MISPRINTED]

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☆ If you plan on covering the banner anyway, and do not mind the misprint, you may purchase this at a budget-friendly price :) 

♥ Pin Banner Specifications

♥ 25cm x 17cm 
♥ Thick fabric
♥ Fits an estimation of 20-30 pins (depending on the size of your pins) 

♥ Have tested on my instagram stories by poking a few pins through the banner and then taking them out. No visible holes were left behind, but this may also depend on the size of your pin posts & how rough you pin them through, I did everything delicately and it was okay. HOWEVER. I still advise laying out your pins on the pennant before placing them, as repeated pinning and re-pinning will leave little holes in the fabric as it would in a cork board. 

♥ Be careful if you have a lot of heavy pins (since each pins are different in weight) to make sure you don't strain the hanging rope during long term use. We are not responsible for wear and tear after use 

♥ Please note that pins in the photos are not included in the pin banner, and are for photoshooting purposes only. 

♥ Pin banners are handmade and may have some small flaws 

Pin Pennant Grading Guide

By purchasing a pin banner, you are agreeing to have read, understand and accepted the grading scale listed below: 

Standard: May contain extremely small & barely visible specks of dust or dirt

B Grade: May contain some visible flecks of marks or dust or imperfection in finishing  - if you're a budget buyer who plans on covering it with pins anyway, you can opt for this

Seconds: May contain larger areas of dirt and marks and larger imperfections in finishing - if you're a budget buyer who plans on covering it with pins anyway, you can opt for this


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