[Sept 14] Celeste bags are fully funded! All bag pre-orders will come with a free exclusive "Lily of the Valley" stamp enamel pin. 

[Oct 3] Still need 5 more Marshal Bag pre-orders to fund. Currently negotiating with my manufacturer to see we are able to reduce MOQ.  They're on holiday until Oct 12th, so will be extending pre-orders for another week. 

[Oct 18] Payment has been sent over to the manufacturer, production will start this week after a final sample confirmation. 

[Nov 15] Celeste & Marshal pre-production samples have been approved. Mold for Celeste wings & beak, as well as for Marshal's ears will begin production

[Nov 16] Due to high demand, 2nd round of preorders will be open until Nov 22nd - all 2nd round preorders will not come with the Lily of the Valley stamp pin, but instead, a random AC pin from my shop 

[Sept 1] They have been successfully funded and put in production~ 

[Sept 29] Manufacturer update: Will be done near end of Oct, as they are on holiday until Oct 12th. 

[Oct 25] Small delay with the colouring as they are a little backed up, they said they need 2 more weeks to finish up production. 

[Nov 2] Pins are almost finished, and should be with me next week, my manu estimated roughly around Nov 10th 

[Nov 16] Pins are on their way to me, should arrive this week~ 

[Nov 23] Pins just cleared customs and are on their way to me

[Nov 24] Pins are here! Quality checking in progress