[Sept 14] Celeste bags are fully funded! All bag pre-orders will come with a free exclusive "Lily of the Valley" stamp enamel pin. 

[Oct 3] Still need 5 more Marshal Bag pre-orders to fund. Currently negotiating with my manufacturer to see we are able to reduce MOQ.  They're on holiday until Oct 12th, so will be extending pre-orders for another week. 

[Oct 18] Payment has been sent over to the manufacturer, production will start this week after a final sample confirmation. 

[Nov 15] Celeste & Marshal pre-production samples have been approved. Mold for Celeste wings & beak, as well as for Marshal's ears will begin production

[Nov 16] Due to high demand, 2nd round of preorders will be open until Nov 22nd - all 2nd round preorders will not come with the Lily of the Valley stamp pin, but instead, a random AC pin from my shop 

[Dec 14] Manufacturer update: They're a bit busy and still clearing orders from September, but estimate the bags are ready to ship to me mid Jan. 

[Jan 8 2021] DELAY // Unfortunately I have been informed that there is a small outbreak (60-ish people) near my manufacturer's factory. Because of that, they have been instructed by the government to close early to keep the COVID-19 breakout under control since they are supposed to go on holiday for Chinese New Year Holiday (originally from Feb 12th - 28th). This means they lost almost 3 weeks of production time and will be unable to ship the bags to me before the holidays. They said they will aim to finish the shipment of the bags the first week after they're back - so now the new estimated shipping date is end of March

Will try to make some freebie stickers and possibly keychains to add to everyone's order to make up for this ;w;

[Feb 23rd] Manufacturer said mass production team will be back to work on Feb 27th, and will give me a new estimation date then - the bags are pretty much finished, they just need to go through quality check and then packing them individually to me